If you’ve lived in Utah for even a couple weeks chances are you’ve noticed: life’s just a bit different here. Our streets are on a grid system, many stores are closed on Sunday and when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, lots of people mutter Oh my Heck. Welcome to Utah.

County Fairs are no different! Seems like across the nation, Texas and Minnesota have cornered the market on Unique Foods Offered at the County Fair. They’re serving up Chocolate Covered Corn Dogs, Deep Fried Butter on a Stick and even something called an El Bananarito. I’m not sure I even want to know.

So what foods are at our local county fairs? Well, I was quite surprised and even pretty happy with the level of health- conscious county fair goers. Sure, we have our junk food too, but there were lots of good choices mixed in.

They have Chocolate Covered Jalapenos, we have…

Grilled Fresh Corn on the Cob…
Fresh made Kettle Corn and Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
Jamba Juice! Razzmatazz anyone??
One very serious Cotton Candy dude…
 Chicken roasting out of the back of a converted truck. 
Ya think Home Depot has one of those??
 Funnel Cakes of course! 
They also served up Deep Fried Snickers Bars and/ or Twinkies. 
Hmmmm… Never had one. I might have to try one soon though…
 Navajo Tacos. This has got to be a Utah thing! 
Kudos to this poor woman working the dough in the 90+ degree weather! 
Mmmm- my personal favorite! Italian Sausages with grilled peppers and squash. Yum. 
 I can’t remember what these are called- but they’re fresh potatoes sliced super thin and deep fried. 
Add some salt and call it good. 
Look! Real potatoes! Straight off a farm in Idaho I’d bet! 
And a snow cone to beat the heat! No ice cream at the bottom of these though- bummer! 
Anyone eat anything interesting at a Utah county fair? I want to hear about it! 
Thanks to all the very happy, willing people who posed for me from the Davis County Fair!
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