Haaaaands down, one of my most favorite places to eat in Salt Lake is Gourmandise. Have you been? It’s insane. Just the thought as I type makes me drool. Gourmandise has the most lovely pastries this side of France, and most every employee has an accent (I don’t think it’s my imagination either). If I ever have someone ask, “What’s a good place to eat in Salt Lake?” My reply is a joyful and immediate, “GOURMANDISE!”
Breakfast – Ohhhh, breakfast! If you’re looking for a breakfast spot, look NO further. Although the pastries themselves are pricey, the meals are really reasonably priced! I mean, some are flat out, a total steal. My favorite breakfast is the Crème Brulee Oats (I know, didn’t I just talk about oatmeal? This is the very much non-100 calorie version that I enjoy:) – it’s just what it sounds like. Thick, creamy oatmeal, brulee’d. Genius idea! Oh, it gets better. On top of that crystalized sugar is a cup of blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and whipped cream. With sugar-coated nuts. Shut-the-front-door good. And it comes in under $6. They also have panini’s, Apple Cinnamon Baked Custard French Toast, incredible quiche, and more. Not to mention pastries. Oh, the pastries! 
Lunch – Most of my experience with lunch has been on Thursdays, when my favorite soup of theirs is cookin’- Cream of Broccoli to be exact. I don’t often dine-in, so bear with me a moment. My favorite thing is their soup and bread bowl box (again, I’m used to to-go)- get this, for $10 you get a bread bowl the size of a bowling ball, a cup of soup that is the size of a liter of soda, 2 cookies, and a bowl of fresh berries (real fresh fruit, not just cantaloupe and orange slices). It always feeds me at least twice, sometimes three times. And every bite is reminiscent of heaven. Yes, yes, I’m sure of it. They do have a dine-in option, I just assume it’s missing the cookie, fruit, and, well, the box part:) 
If you’re downtown, this is a must! Beware of crowds at peak hours. Service can sometimes be slow, but at the same time, I’ve never felt rushed when dining. They make cakes and large tarts to-order, so if you’re in need for a celebration, it may be a great alternative to the grocery store:) 
Gourmandise is the perfect place to take a treat to-go, or to buy a little treat and share. They box them with a nice little red bow- perfect to give as a little kind gesture- you know, “thank you,” “congrats,” or “Guess who ate at Gourmandise and was nice enough to buy you something and not eat it on the way home…”
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