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It’s a cool, dreary day today here in Utah, so I officially deem it Fall. My favorite season! Fall also equates to pumpkins in my book, so I thought I’d post these cute little pretzel pumpkins today.

Aren’t they cute?! Couldn’t be easier either- melt chocolate, color orange, dunk pretzel. OK, there are a few more steps, but really, it’s easy! I love pretzels and chocolate together too- sweet and salty is a great combination.

Pretzel Pumpkins ButterwithaSideofBread.com

Pretzel Pumpkins

  • 1 bag mini pretzels {you won’t use the whole bag, only about 1/4}
  • 1 bag M&M’s candy, needing only the green ones {fun separating activity for kids!}
  • orange food coloring, I used about 1/8th tsp of Wilton’s gel colors
  • 1 bag White Chocolate chips, melted slowly {directions below}
  • 1 TBSP shortening, to thin out chocolate

First step is to melt the chocolate. I used 10 oz of baking chocolate squares, but you can use a bag of white chocolate chips- the process is still the same. Before you even put it in the microwave, add about 1 TBSP shortening. You need to thin out the chocolate prior to dunking the pretzels or else the chocolate will be so thick you won’t even be able to tell it’s a pretzel under there! Shortening is the ONLY thing that will do this- don’t add water, butter, etc. Shortening!

Pretzel Pumpkins ButterwithaSideofBread.com

Go slowly! White chocolate seizes easily, and you don’t want to coat your pretzels with grainy chocolate, right? Go slowly and stir minimally. I put mine on for 1 minute, stirred gently, then put it in for an additional minute. When I took it out, the chocolate still looked solid. It wasn’t! Add your orange coloring and stir gently, until it’s nice and smooth.

I’ve tested out a few ways to coat pretzels in chocolate and none of them really work as well as simply using your fingers. So I took a picture above of my elaborate technique.

Pretzel Pumpkins ButterwithaSideofBread.com

Once you’ve dunked your pretzel, adding a nice coating, lay it out on a piece of wax paper. While it’s still wet, take a green M&M and set it in the crook of the pretzel, on it’s side. See? Now it’s a cute little green stem.

Pretzel Pumpkins ButterwithaSideofBread.com

If you see a few bare spots on your pretzels, while they’re still wet, dab some more chocolate on them using your finger.

I love how these end up looking like Jack-O-Lanterns! See the little face? Eyes? Mouth? Am I just dreaming this up?

Pretzel Pumpkins ButterwithaSideofBread.com

Feel free to color another 2 oz of white chocolate green and melt in a plastic baggie. Squish it around to spread the green, then add some curly stem pieces. I did a few then deemed it too much work…

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  1. says

    Thanks ladies! <br /><br />Sarah- I&#39;ll stop by tonight for sure! <br /><br />Erin- I was starting to think I was a little loopy! You see it too?! Oh thank heavens…<br /><br />Jessica

  2. Anonymous says

    Thanks for this easy and cute idea! I make coated pretzels at Christmas and use white almond bark and sprinkle with red and green sugars. I could do these the same way except color the white bark orange! I use tongs to dip my pretzels, throw some in the bowl stir them around to coat and use the tongs to pick up and shake excess off. Then sprinkle with sugar.<br />Linda W

  3. says

    Hi Kathryn- I stopped by your blog- super fun! I left a link- thank you! <br /><br />Linda- great idea with the sprinkles! You could even leave the bark white and color with orange and black sprinkles! I have to admit though- the M&amp;M&#39;s make them super tasty…

  4. says

    You could also use the orange candy melts they sell at most crafts stores and even in Walmart instead of adding the additional food colour. I love this idea, especially the little M&amp;M stem, I think I will DEFINITELY be making some soon, especially if I go to the store tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. says

    It&#39;s the Wilton&#39;s Gel colors. I bought it as part of an 8-pack of basic colors at Walmart for around $7. It&#39;s super nice not having to make the orange or purple type of colors on your own- mine never turned out right!

  6. Anonymous says

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  7. says

    The gel doesn&#39;t make the chocolate seize? I thought you could only use candy colors? I know Americolors makes a Flo-coat to use with their gel colors so the chocolate won&#39;t seize. Great idea, I can&#39;t wait to try it!

  8. says

    I just made these with my daughter, for her girl scout troop….Well, that&#39;s what we were originally going to do with them. I doubt these will make it out of the house! We used white chocolate chips. Soooo cute!!! and sooooo easy! Will definitely be trying out the Chex mix, too!

  9. says

    I dip pretzels during the holidays and use a plastic fork. I break out the two middle tines and use the fork to retrieve my pretzels from the chocolate. Then I use the plastic tines that I broke off to hollow out the holes of the pretzel while it&#39;s hanging on the fork. I too have tried many ways to dip and didn&#39;t like the finger marks. My husband actually stumbled on to this idea and I

  10. says

    Guess what I whipped up this morning? :) Took advantage a few weeks back to pick up 1/2 off Wilton candy melts in orange (save me a step) at JoAnn&#39;s just for this project. Can&#39;t wait to hand them out to my ladies at church!

  11. says

    Jessica, what a great idea! I love the combination of salty and sweet and I’m sure these will hit the spot. The ideas to add sprinkles and almond bark are wonderful, too. A pretzel-dipping bar with examples would be a fun party idea! – Ramona from Sam’s Club<br />

  12. says

    I don&#39;t want to buy shortening (That&#39;s Crisco, right?) just for this. In 25+ years I&#39;ve never had a use for it. It seems like such a waste… Do you think I could use coconut oil instead? Its solid at room temp


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