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Saturday, September 8, 2012


We went to Europe 7 years ago, and I remember eating (almost) nothing but bread and cheese. I remember little stores and markets all over, so I assumed Rome would be similar- bad assumption:) First, let me say that the pasta in Rome? Killer! (More on pasta later.) Otherwise? Food was a little bit of a struggle! I must also add that being pregnant didn't help the situation- my doctor's only advice was not to eat chicken/egg salad, sandwich meat, unknown or unpasteurized cheese, or food that had been sitting out. While it seemed like an easy request, upon arrival, I learned that it made eating in Rome & Paris SO hard! Check out the below scene...
Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by carts and shops with everything pre-made. In mass quantities:) Also check out those packages of hot dogs! Nothing says "you're two steps from the Colosseum" like a hot dog, right? Right? (Eek!) 
I did love the random fruit stands...
And I also love that McDonalds are super high-class internationally! And they have the only bathrooms in all of Rome. (I wish I was kidding. A pregnant woman does not joke when it comes to restroom availability. I may have waited 57 minutes in line at McDonalds to go to the bathroom... Nothing like spending your vacation in lines that have nothing to do with sightseeing:)
AH! The glee that now fills me...
On the second to the last day we finally spotted it- a MARKET! Joy and delight do not begin to describe the happiness I felt as I glanced at options! Drinks for less than 3 euro! Bread! Candy! Salads! Cereal! Yogurt! Oh, and not just any yogurt... the best yogurt on planet earth. Yogurt we spent our days searching for. When we finally saw it, we bought 6. And ate them all within 24 hours. (Do you find yourself constantly thinking, 'This girl has strange eating habits...'?)  Immediately upon returning to the US I did some searching, and rumor has it (aka- the NY Times), Muller's perfect yogurt may be crossing the deep blue see! Cross your fingers and toes, people!
A trip to the beach, backpack stocked with our market goodies...
Ah! I found another gelato straggler. Doesn't it look nice? :)
Next up? Pizza & pasta!

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