Last year on our final night in Maui, we found a little yogurt place in Whaler’s Village. It was heavenly. Yogurt soothed my heart which ached to leave paradise. I love frozen yogurt. Why hadn’t we stumbled upon said yogurt shop sooner?! Who knows. Anyway, I forgot all about it until a new yogurt place opened near our house. We walked in and I spotted them- the spoons. The green and pink spoons! 
(This was the shout proclaimed by me, to my always-embarrassed husband in a busy yogurt shop one Friday night.) What that meant was, “Wait one second, mister, those are the same spoons I recall from the delightful yogurt shop in Maui last year!” Flash forward to a few weeks ago when Jessica told me that Yogurtland wanted us to get some yogurt and blog about it- well, poor Jessica was the recipient of the same crazy-lady shout that Mike received months before. I get really excited sometimes. Yes, lovely readers who also think I’m looney, Yogurtland is it’s name. And I still love it. Like, a lot.
After getting shots, my little lady needed a treat (OK, I needed a treat. Shots never get easier as a parent, either!). Time for some frozen yogurt! It’s one of those “fix-all’s…”
Do you know what else I love about Yogurtland? Other than the fact that they now have purple spoons? This little bowl of heave only cost $2.49. Nice!
The Yogurtland My Masterpiece Contest runs through October 28th. Stop by and take a photo of your incredible yogurt creation, then send it in and cross your fingers! The grand prize winner gets FREE yogurt for a year! I should enter…
PS- This is a sponsored post. Technically. But that’s just luck because it was only a matter of time before I raved about in on my own:)
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